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Predicting Landing Spots For Recent WWE Releases

On April 15, WWE released 10 talents from their contracts. It came exactly one year after WWE did the same thing in 2020, releasing a ton of talents during the beginning of the pandemic. While there is lots to say about WWE’s business practices (like how WWE had record revenue in 2020 and still released […]

37 Thoughts on Wrestlemania 37 Night Two

37 Thoughts About Wrestlemania 37 Night Two 1. No rain delays on our Wrestlemania Sunday. It was a beautiful night in Tampa for round two. It’s a beautiful evening for #WrestleMania night two 😍 pic.twitter.com/0CrpmWtZW9 — NoShow Wrestling Podcast (@NoShowWrestling) April 11, 2021 2. Ashland Craft gave us America The Beautiful on Night Two. I […]

Wrestlemania 37 Night Two Predictions

Wrestlemania 37 Night Two Predictions After an exciting Night One, we’ve still got another round of Wrestlemania ahead of us. Tons of title matches are on the second card, including the massive triple threat for the Universal Championship. What will be the match of the night? Who will walk out as champion? Evan & Javier […]

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